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Quick Fists Bulk (no retail packaging)

Quick Fists Bulk (no retail packaging)

Original Quick Fist - Bulk (no retail packaging)

Priced from 2.69 to 4.99 Each

Free USA ShippingPlastic Rectangular Washers Included

• Holds objects 1" to 2.25" (25 to 57mm) in diameter
• Each clamp supports a safe working load of 25lbs (11 kilos)
• 2 clamps support 50lbs (23 kilos).
• Mounts easily with one #10 bolt or screw
• Mounting area: 2 1/2" x 3/4" (64x19mm)

Reg PriceSale PricePrice Per QuickFist
Quick Fist Original 4-Pack3019.964.99
Quick Fist Original 6-Pack40264.33
Quick Fist Original 8-Pack50324.00
Quick Fist Original 10-Pack60383.80
Quick Fist Original 12-Pack70443.67
Quick Fist Original 16-Pack85563.50
Quick Fist Original 20-Pack100683.40
Quick Fist Original 24-Pack120803.33
Quick Fist Original 30-Pack145973.23
Quick Fist Original 36-Pack1701143.17
Quick Fist Original 40-Pack1901243.10
Quick Fist Original 48-Pack2201453.02
Quick Fist Original 50-Pack2251492.98
Quick Fist Original 100-Pack4002692.98

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