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Coyote Enterprises 3 - 50 psi Tire Deflators (Set of Four)

Coyote Enterprises 3 - 50 psi Tire Deflators (Set of Four)
I've been watching the development of these deflators for well over a year. I can say in no uncertain terms, that anything that could be improved has been improved. Not just the technical workings, but use too have been carefully examined. One of my favorite improvements is the reduced thread count. Why did I have to turn the deflators so many times to get them to deflate? Well Harry Lewellyn (Engineer and Owner of Coyote Ent.) didn't miss this. He reduced the thread count and now they are quicker to install and remove. Just one of many improvements to an already great product - Brett

Coyote Tire Deflators

  • Wider pressure range: 3 to 50 psi
  • Screw them on and drive
  • Quick Chuck: They screw on and off twice as fast as all others
  • Easy to adjust: Still, no tools required
  • Adjustment reference: You can now confidently tract minor adjustments
  • Manual start
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free USA Shipping
 Deflator Comparison VideoDeflator Leak Test Video

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