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Jeep JL Best (Stealth) 4-Door Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit (2018+ Jeep JL)

Jeep JL Best (Stealth) 4-Door Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit (2018+ Jeep JL)

Best 4-Door Jeep JL Hi-lift Jack Mount Kit

2018+ Jeep JL

Stealth Hi-Lift Jack Mount

  • 4-door hard top and soft top.  We'll be working on a 2-door kit.  Send us an email and request updates about the 2-door kits
  • Jack must be dismounted to put soft top up or down

Kit features:+

  • Jeep JL Unlimited (4-Door) Stealth Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit
  • Option to add Hi-Lift Accessory Bars (Axe and Shovel mount)
  • Simple Install
  • Works with all Hi-Lift Brand 48" jacks, other than the First Responder Edition and Signature Edition
  • Does NOT work with other (Chinese) farm jacks
  • Works with Hard Top, Bikini and Soft Top 
  • Hi-Lift Jack, Accessory Bars, Tools and Jeep not included
  • Customer Rigs and Examples
* Fits Jeep JL Only Jeep JK version is available * In order to put the soft top up or down, the Hi-Lift must be dismounted from the mount. * In order to work with the factory Power top, two inches must be cut off the end of the Hi-Lift Jack. This is easily done with an abrasive chop saw. * Bikini Top may require modifications
  • Patent Pending

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  • Model: JLJM
  • Weight: 3.00lb