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Dirt Bagz 4-Door Jeep JL Under Back Seat Storage Bagz

Dirt Bagz 4-Door Jeep JL Under Back Seat Storage Bagz

Dirt Bagz Black in Back

Jeep JL Under Back Seat Storage/Organizer Bags

On BACK ORDER.  Should ship by April 15th


  • Easy Access
  • Greatly increases Usable JL Storage
  • Kit includes two bagz, one left and one right.
Want to store stuff under your back seat and easily fold your seat down too?Want easy access to what you store under your back seat?Want to organize your stuff?Dominion Offroad and Dirt Bagz has the solution.
ManufacturerDominion OffRoad

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  • Stock: Back Order
  • Model: DB-JL-Backseat-1
  • Weight: 4.00lb
  • Dimensions: 22.00in x 10.00in x 8.00in
  • UPC: 618528569376